Ferrari 308 GTB/358 RR

Model: 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole

Project Overview:  This Euro-spec 1984 308 GTB Quattrovalvole was converted into a 358RR. The owner of the car thought that his 308 was a terrific driver's car, but that it could use more horsepower and, perhaps more importantly, more torque that would provide immediate perforamance.

Engine Specs:

260 lb-ft of torque @5000-rpm, 303-hp @7000-rpm

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Type: V-8, DOHC 4-valve/cylinder 358RR
Bore: 85mm
Stroke: F355 crankshaft, 77mm
Compression ratio: 10:3:1
Cylinder heads: ported and matched manifolds
Camshafts: special Razzo Rosso profiles
Induction: Bosch CIS
Larini headers, X-Ost Maranello sport muffler
Ignition: Ferrari Marelli ignition

Suspension and Brakes:

Suspension: Stock Koni shocks and stock springs
Brakes: Stock setup

Wheels and Tires:

Wheels: 16-inch Quattrovalve wheels

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