308 QV 3.5-liter Stage 2

Designed as a hot street engine, this 308QV retains the stock CIS intake manifold, but uses modern EFI engine management. Built with special Razzo Rosso 85mm steel sleeves/forged pistons and a the new RR358 78mm stroke crankshaft, this engine displaces 3.5 liters. The cylinder heads were suitably modified for more flow with oversize intake valves and manifold matching including plenum modification. Camshaft selection was critical and a suitable grind was picked after considerable engine simulation work. This is a great street/track engine that will go into a lightweight Euro GTB.

Type: V-8, 4-valve/358RR
Bore: 85mm
Stroke: special crank, 78mm
Compression ratio: 10.3:1
Cylinder heads: ported/matched manifolds.
Intake valves: (oversize 31.1mm), standard exhaust valves
Camshafts: special Carobu grind for 358RR
Induction: Electromotive EFI with custom mapping
Exhaust: Larini Euro headers, Larini sport muffler
Ignition: Electromotive direct ignition