Mercedes 560 Engine Rebuilding/Modification

Carobu Engineering is uniquely positioned to improve the performance of the Mercedes-Benz M117 engines. Like AMG did before, Carobu uses an engineering approach to making more power from the 560 based engines used in the Mercedes 107 and 126 chassis. Carobu Engineering uses a suite of tools to get more power including modern engine simulation software (PT-EAP), flow bench (SF600), cam digitizer and a state-of-the-art engine dyno (Superflow/DTS Powermark) to unlock the power secrets of the 560 design.

Additionally, we use a methodical approach to engine development honed over years of extracting the most from winning racing engines spanning NASCAR to vintage Ferrari F1 and everything in between. Carobu is well versed in using modern development cycles that include computer simulation, dyno testing and commonsense. We are able to apply these skills to an old friend, the Mercedes 560 engine, to extract power that had been elusive to others in the past. This is done while maintaining the original appearance of the engine which is important to many owners of these cars.

Bert Wehr, chief engine builder at Carobu, is well versed in building German engines having done an apprenticeship at the BMW factory in the 1960s. His years of engine building and dyno testing have resulted in a skilled set of hands when applied to your Mercedes engine. While others specialize in stock rebuilds, Carobu goes a step further by utilizing performance parts from HB Sport (special cams, pistons, engine controls, exhaust systems and intake manifolds) to enhance the capabilities of your 560 engine.

If you look at the Mercedes dyno tested engines section of this website, you will see what is possible. We can build a powerful Mercedes V-8 engine for that special 560 SL or SEC/SEL.