Ferrari 308 GT4/358RR

Model: 1978 Ferrari 308 GT4

Project Overview:  This GT4 was purchased by our customer in need of a restoration. Carobu was enlisted to rebuild the car mechanically. The V8 engine was rebuilt into one of our larger displacement 3.5-liter motors while retaining the original Weber 40 DCN downdraught carburetors. The handling of the Ferrari was improved with the addition of stiffer lowering springs and revalved Koni shocks. Euro 308 Quattrovalvole 16-inch wheels were also installed. This car was featured in Forza Magazine after its completion.

Engine Specs:

240.91 lb-ft of torque @5300-rpm, 279.73-hp @6600-rpm

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Type: V-8, DOHC 2v/cylinder
Bore: Razzo Rosso forged pistons/bigbore liners, 85mm
Stroke: Razzo Rosso stroker crank, 78mm
Compression ratio: 10:1
Cylinder heads: intaked ported and matched, new exhaust valves
Camshafts: special Razzo Rosso profiles
Induction: 4 Weber 40 DCN carbuetors
Exhaust: standard Ferrari headers, port matched, X-Ost Maranello sport muffler
(no cats).
Ignition: Ferrari points/coil type ignition

Suspension and Brakes:

Suspension: Heavier weight springs, revalved Koni shocks, lowered ride height. Larger rear swaybar to reduce understeer.
Brakes: Stock rebuilt

Wheels and Tires:

Wheels: 16x7-inch front and 16x8-inch rear 308 Quattrolvalve wheels
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE70 Sport