308 GT4 358 RR 3.5-liter

The goal of this engine was to make the most power possible with a 2-valve 308 carbureted engine without extensive (and expensive) modification to the cylinder heads. The late (1978-79) carburetor version of the 308 2-valve series was infamous for being the weak sister of the carbureted 308 variants. Stock power was in the 195- 205 HP range and acceleration was anemic compared to earlier versions. We applied our 3.5L technology to this 2-valve engine and were satisfied with the results. The power and torque increases have transformed the driving experience of this 308 GT4 to what it should have been from the factory.

Type: 3.5-liter V8
Bore: Razzo Rosso forged pistons/bigbore liners, 85mm
Stroke: Razzo Rosso stroker crank, 78mm
Compression ratio: 10:1
Cylinder heads: intaked ported and matched, new exhaust valves
Camshafts: special Razzo Rosso profiles
Induction: 4 Weber 40 DCN carbuetors
Exhaust: standard Ferrari headers, port matched, X-Ost Maranello sport muffler
(no cats).
Ignition: Ferrari points/coil type ignition