Maintenance: Carobu Engineering offers a full range of service and maintenance for Ferraris and other rare and unusual sports cars. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or something more involved like an annual service, we can fulfill your needs. Call us at (505) 384-2783 to schedule an appointment. 

Engine Building: With over 30 years of successful engine building experience behind him, Carobu's chief engine builder Bert Wehr has the knowledge to build your engine for power and reliability second to none.

Racing and high performance engine development and servicing: Carobu Engineering provides unparalled engine development services to the racing industry including NASCAR, import drag racing and vintage racing. The restoration of vintage racing cars offers special challenges to the engine builder. A balance between authenticity, reliability and performance must be struck. Carobu takes pride in building and engineering motors that are historically correct in appearance that also boast notice. We combine over 30 years of engine building expertise, state-of-the-art engine dynamometer and utilization of the latest engine performance technologies including engine computer simulation.

Dynamometer tuning and testing: Our state-of-the-art DTS dyno is fully instrumented and has high-speed, multichannel data logging capabilities. Our dyno room is configured for a variety of airflow and exhaust system configurations. Reverse rotation and unusual engines are welcome. We also work on engine's for non-automotive applications, such as the large displacement, V8 pump motors we are currently developing for Interpulse (click here more info).

Restoration: Carobu offers a full range of restoration services, from mechanical rebuilding to reassembly of your prized classic car. Contact us to discuss your restoration needs or if you would like to collaborate on a project.