This job was a reversal of most engine work that we do. The owner of this rare Scarab conversion didn't like the hot rod engine that a previous owner had installed. It had a wild camshaft (260-degree @ .050") and a light flywheel. The car was miserable to drive in L.A. traffic. The owner wanted us to de-tune the engine without losing a large chunk of power. The recipe included a milder camshaft, different intake manifold and carb and a normal weight flywheel. Additionally, we designed Tri-Y header extensions to help with the low speed torque. In the end, the car was still very fast with the rebuilt motor, but much better behaved in normal driving.

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Power: 387-hp @5,300-rpm, 430 lb/ft @4,200

Type: Chevrolet
Bore: 4.03" SP forged pistons
Stroke: 3.75", cast crank
Compression Ratio: Unknown
Cylinder heads: Unknown
Camshafts: Comp Cams 122234
Induction: Aluminum Torker II intake manifold with Holley 750 carburetor
Exhaust: Dyno 1 3/4" headers
Ignition: HEI