Mondial 8 358 RR

Building a stage 2 version of our 3.5L 2V CIS injected Mondial engine was always an option. The extra power was needed to overcome the heavier Mondial chassis. The stage 2 modificationss centered around improving the intake port flow. Special oversize intake valves were used in conjuntion with improved porting to raise the CFM by 10%. Another area where an improvement was made involved the camshaft profile choice. CIS injected engines are very sensitive to valve overlap so the duration of the camshafts had to be conservative while still making power. Overall, the result was very good

Type: 90° V-8, DOHC 2v/cylinder 3.5L
Bore: 85mm Razzo Rosso forged pistons and special 360-style sleeves
Stroke: 78mm billet Razzo Rosso crankshaft
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Cylinder heads: High performance valve job, 44mm intake valves, port matching
Camshafts: Special Carobu CIS profile
Induction: Bosch CIS injection, modified fuel curve, intake plenum modified, stock air filter
Exhaust: Standard Ferrari manifolds, 308 dyno muffler
Ignition: Marelli electronic ignition