Another before and after dyno result that proved to be very interesting. This Bronco engine started out as a 289 with a 2-barrel carb and ended up becoming a 302 with a 4-barrel carb. The thinking here was to make a tractable, torquey engine that would be compatible with the heavy Bronco platform, which weighs about 4,000-lbs. It also needed to work well with the 3-speed automatic transmission the vehicle was equipped with. The heads were ported with larger valves and matched to a 4-barrel carburetor and intake manifold. Combining this with a mild performance camshaft and a regular gas-friendly compression ration (8.5:1) gave a strong output as shown by the dyno graph below. Once the engine was back in the Bronco, it performed well in the sand dunes and rock crawling. The owner was very happy.

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Power before: 162-hp @ 4,200, 235 lb/ft @ 3,300
Power after: 243-hp @ 4,900, 296 lb/ft @ 3,600

Type: Ford 302 V8
Bore: 4.04"
Stroke: 3"
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Cylinder heads: Cast iron, ported, 1.84/1.54" valves
Camshafts: Comp 200-degree @ .050", 415" lift
Induction: Ported iron intake manifold with Autolite 4100 carburetor (480 CFM)
Exhaust: Steel headers 35" x 1 5/8"
Ignition: Ford points distributor