Dyno testing this little jewel of an engine was a real pleasure and a privilege for us. This OSCA MT4 engine was a stock rebuild for a ground up restoration of an early 1960s Fiat OSCA 1500 convertible. The most surprising result was the excellent torque of the engine, especially considering the relatively low compression ratio used. A period road test from Road & Track magazine noted the smooth torque and good acceleration of this car. The header design was ahead of its time as well, with a nice and efficient 4-2-1 design that was sure to boost the torque output. Originally this OSCA MT4 engine was designed as a racing powerplant so the cylinder head probably flows pretty well, in turn contributing to the notable output. The Fiat OSCA cars are under appreciated today, but in their heyday were considered equals to the very successful Alfa Romeo race cars that they shared the track with.

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Power: 93.6-hp @ 5,200-rpm, 101 lb/ft@ 4,600-rpm

Type: Fiat OSCA MT4 1500 4-cylinder
Bore: 78-mm
Stroke: 78-mm
Compression Ratio: 8;6:1
Cylinder heads: Aluminum DOHC
Camshafts: Standard OSCA
Induction: Single Weber 2-barrel carburetor
Exhaust: Factory tubular headers
Ignition: Points distributor