This F5000 engine was part of a group of cars and engines purchased at a federal auction. It is suspected that they were all part of a drug dealer's collection. Our job was to assemble the engine using the existing parts and then tune it on the dyno. We think it would have made more peak horsepower if it would have had shorter intake stacks, but we will never know. As it was, 518-hp was good for a 5.0-liter, pushrod, OHV engine with cast iron heads. I remember that back in the day these heads were constantly cracking due to high cylinder head pressures. This engine was subsequently installed in a Lola T330 chassis and sold by the owner. This F5000 engine is probably representative of the kind of power they produced when they were first introduced

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Power: 518-hp @ 6,400-rpm, 455 lb/ft@ 5,100-rpm

Type: Chevrolet V8, 5.0L (302)
Bore: 4" JE forged pistons
Stroke: 3:, 180-degree racing crank
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Heads: ported cast iron
Cams: racing cam of unknown specs
Induction: individual throttle bodies with Lucas mechanical fuel injection
Exhaust: tubular racing headers
Ignition: MSD 6AL