This engine is a "period-look" recreation of a 1960s hot rod small-block Chevrolet engine. The plan was to use good internals (steel crank, good rods and pistons), "camel hump" ported heads, a modern camshaft profile and the classic triple 2-barrel carburetor setup. There was no specific horsepower goal other than "enough." Considering the mild specifications, the power output seemed good enough. The goal of having a reliable period-look Mouse motor was achieved.

Horsepower: 339 @ 5,400-rpm  Torque: 360 lb/ft@ 4,200-rpm

Type: Chevrolet V8 350
Bore: 4.03" SP hypereutectic
Stroke: 3.5", steel crank
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Cylinder heads: "Pocket-ported" cast iron, 2.02/1.6" valves
Camshafts: Comp Cams 270H, 1.6 rockers
Induction: Aluminum Offenhauser intake manilfold with 3x2 Rochester carbs
Exhaust: Dyno 1 3/4" headers
Ignition: Stock