Ferrari 512 BB

Our customer asked for a powerful street engine with good torque and power, but not too “peaky”.  This engine was going in the project “Boxer” so we had complete control over the specification of the vehicle it was going in, a good thing!  It wasn’t necessary to start from scratch here, we used proven modifications to the engine; cam, compression and porting to give us the good result we needed. All were impressed by the generous torque curve of this BB engine, especially
compared to a BBLM.

Type: 512BB
Bore: 82.5mm
Stroke: 78mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Heads: intake ported to our specs and flow tested on our SF-600 bench. Intake and exh. manifolds matched.
Cams: 246° at .050”, intake and exhaust. 9.1mm lift
Induction: Weber 40IF3C, 3 barrel carburetors, 32mm Venturis
Exhaust: Standard headers, port matched and ceramic coated.
Ignition: Stock electronic unit, new plug wires, BP7ES plugs.