We built this engine from an actual 512 BBLM core engine. Considerable time was spent doing engine simulation work and special designing to come up with a solid modification package for the BBLM engine. Cylinder head porting, camshaft profile, piston design and special exhaust headers were all a part of the success of this championship-winning engine. The internals were extensively lightened with titanium valves, retainers, connecting rods, aluminum flywheel and racing clutch. For comparison the factory quoted 480 HP at 7200 rpm.

Type: 512BB
Bore: 82.5mm
Stroke: 78mm
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Heads: ported BBLM heads, matched manifolds,
shim-under-bucket conversion
Cams: 266°/260°,
Induction: Lucas injection
Exhaust: custom designed CAROBU SS racing headers
Ignition: stock distributor with electronic ignition