Basically, this engine was a stock racing rebuild of an original, tired BBLM engine.  No special power modification were made except for the normal attention to detail we give all our engine rebuilds.  The Lucas fuel injection was gone through and the exhaust valves replaced with new original type sodium filled ones.  They factory rated these engines at 480 HP @ 7200 RPM. This one made 491 HP @ 7800 RPM.  Chalk up the difference to a
.5mm overbore.

Type: 512 BBLM
Bore:  82.5mm
Stroke: 78mm
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Heads: Standard BBLM, port matched
Cams: Std. BBLM, basically P6 grind
Induction: Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection
Exhaust: Standard BBLM factory headers + Megaphones
Ignition:  Factory electronic ignition, new wires and plugs.