This engine started out as a “check it out and let me know” inspection. It had been totally rebuilt by a well known restoration shop, but was running poorly. After much probing, the compression was low, carbs jetted too rich and it burnt oil; this after only 2K miles! Later, it was found that the compression height on the piston was incorrect causing the C.R. to be 8:1. The rings hadn’t seated due to the overly rich condition causing the oil burning. We rebuilt the engine, fixing all of these issues (and many others) to produce a better then original result with substantially more torque.

Type: V-12, 2-cam (245/C), 4.4L
Bore: 82mm (1mm overbore)
Stroke: 71mm
Compression ratio: 10.2:1
Cylinder heads: Intake port/manifold modification, Zanzi intake/exhaust valves, standard valve springs
Camshafts: standard cams, maximum valve lift: 9mm with 214 duration @ .050” lift, 111 lobe seperation
Induction: 3 Weber 40 DFI, original air filter housing
Exhaust: port matched ceramic coated headers, standard exhaust system
Ignition: Marelli distributors with Pertronics electronic conversion