We assembled this engine after receiving it in already rebuilt form from a so-called marque "expert." It had been sitting for a period of time so we disassembled it so that we could inspect the internals. After finding many problems from both the manner in which it was stored and the previous rebuild we set about rebuilding it properly. The result was gratifying in that this engine beat the factory rated numbers of 320-hp and 318 lbs-ft of torque handily. It has been installed in the car and runs like new.

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Power figures:  352-hp @6,200-rpm, 352 lb-ft @4,300-rpm

Type: Ferrari F101, V12, 4.4L
Bore: 81-mm
Stroke: 71-mm
Compression Ratio: 9:1
Cylinder Heads: Stock
Cams: Stock
Induction: 6 Weber 38DCOE carburetors
Exhaust: Stock US-spec Ferrari headers
Ignition: Dual Marelli distributors with Dinoplex ignition boxes