A client who runs his Daytona at the track wanted a dual purpose engine that would have more power, but would not be too much of a handful. We suggested increasing the displacement through a stroked crankshaft, which the owner agreed to. We chose to make a brand new billet crank with a 78-mm stroke. This, when combined with an 82-mm bore, would yield 5.0-liters of displacement. To help the engine breath better, the head were reworked with better porting, larger intake valves and special billet camshafts. Combined with Euro exhaust headers and some special modifications to the carburetors a useful improvement in power was achieved. The already strong performance of the Daytona moved up a notch with these modifications.

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Horsepower: 459 @ 6,700   Torque: 375 lb/ft @ 5,900

Type: Ferrari Type V12, Type 251
Bore:  81-mm
Stroke: 78-mm
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Cylinder heads: Ported 4-cam, larger intake valves
Camshafts: Billet racing
Induction: 6x40 DCN Weber (modified)
Exhaust: Euro factory headers
Ignition: Dual distributors/coils