A Daytona engine built for track work, but designed to give good power and a driveable torque curve. This version could be used as a very hot street engine or an effective track weapon. The interesting part of the story revolved around using an “X” pipe after the headers. Notice the gain in power and torque. The improved exhaust tuning helped the carburetors meter better to provide an even mixture through out the rpm range. The cam selection helped to provide a very nice torque curve.

Type: V-12, 4-cam (251)
Bore: 82mm (1mm overbore)
Stroke: 71mm
Compression ratio: 11:1
Cylinder heads: Intake port/manifold modification, standard intake valve/sodium filled exhaust, standard valve springs
Camshafts: high-lift racing cams, maximum lift: 10.5mm/10.4mm with 264/254 duration @ .050” lift
Induction: 6 Weber 40 DCN, no air box
Exhaust: port matched Euro headers, Xpipes
Ignition: Marelli distributors with points/ condensers and coils