The goal of this engine modifi cation was to make a strong, but streetable power curve. We applied new technology to this 2-valve engine and were satisfi ed with the results. The power increase has improved the driving experience of this Daytona. Normal changes were made to include hi-compression pistons, improved camshafts, portmatching (intake and exhaust) along with improving reliability by replacing the exhaust valves and upgrading the rod bolts. The top-end punch of this Daytona engine has been improved dramatically.

Type: V-12, DOHC 2v/cylinder
Bore: Razzo Rosso forged pistons, 82mm
Stroke: 71mm standard crankshaft
Compression ratio: 10:1
Cylinder heads: intaked ported and
matched, new exhaust valves.
Camshafts: special Razzo Rosso profiles
Induction: 6 Weber carburetors
Exhaust: standard Ferrari Euro headers,
port match.
Ignition: Ferrari points/electronic ignition