A Daytona engine built to standard specification with the exception of higher compression Razzo Rosso forged pistons. Connecting rods were beefed up with RR/ ARP rod bolts. For reliability and reduced maintainance costs, the distributors were converted to electronic triggering with Pertronix kits. This engine was originally built by another shop and had coolant leakage issues. We disassembled and rebuilt the engine after the problems were fixed (liners too high). The engine was dynoed as shown in the photo with standard exhaust and air filter housing in place.

Type: V-12, 4-cam (251)
Bore: 82mm (1mm overbore)
Stroke: standard crank, 71mm
Compression ratio: 10:1
Cylinder heads: standard intake valve/sodium filled exhaust, standard valve springs
Camshafts: standard, intake 252 @.050”/0.369” lift; exhaust 239@0.050”/.340” lift
Induction: 6 Weber 40 DCN, with air filter housing
Exhaust: US headers, standard mufflers
Ignition: Marelli distributors with Pertronix electronic conversion