The basic concept with this engine was to make comparable HP to the P6 cam, but with better low-end torque. This was achieved by increasing the cam lift while maintaining the P6 like duration. The usual modifications were made to the cylinder head for better breathing and a full Tubi exhaust was installed including the Euro-spec headers. A very special “Comp-type” air box with snorkle was fabricated for this engine as well. The best dyno runs were made with the “Comp” air box in place. The stock air box won’t go over 400HP.

Type: 365 GTB (60°) V-12
Bore: 82mm
Stroke: 71mm
Compression Ratio: 10.25:1
Heads: Special intake porting and manifold matching
Cams: Special CAROBU grind, 272º/263º with 10.6/10.4mm lift
Induction: Custom jetted Weber 40 DCN with special comp-type air box
Exhaust: Full Tubi exhaust system with Euro-spec headers, port matched
Ignition: Distributors with optical sensor conversion and Crane ignition boxes