This engine is another iteration of the previous 330/365 racing engine. We started with a fresh 365 core engine and made all of the custom parts (oil pan, water pump/inlet, etc.) to match the previous engine. The injection manifold and headers were used from the other engine. A new and higher capacity Lucas injection system was sourced for this project. Additionally, a different cam profile was used to take advantage of the larger displacement. The result is probably a world record power number for a normally aspirated Ferrari 2-cam engine.

Type: V-12, 2-cam (245), 5.0L
Bore: 82mm (1mm overbore)
Stroke: 78mm
Compression ratio: 12:1
Cylinder heads: port matched to injection manifold, intake ports enlarged
Camshafts: high-lift racing cams, maximum lift: 11.3mm with 261 duration @ .050” lift
Induction: Lucas mechanical fuel injection, Bob Wallace hand-made slide valve intake manifold
Exhaust: custom racing headers, 3-1
Ignition: Single distributor from a BB512