Originally this engine was built by Bob Wallace for a 312P (Flying Shingle, ex-Chinetti). We rebuilt it once in 4.0-liter form, then again as a 4.5-liter.  It is a unique motor with handmade slide valve Lucas Fuel injection set-up.  In 4.0-lliter form it dyno’d at 338 HP @ 7,100 rpm. We improved the output by increasing the displacement and re-porting the cylinder-head to our specification.  The result was 419 HP @ 7,300 rpm.  The next step is a 5.0-liter conversion.

Type: 330/365 P
Bore: 82mm
Stroke: 71mm
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Heads: Ported and matched to injection manifold
Cams: 249º @ .050” and 10mm lift. 105º L/C
Induction: Lucas mechanical injection, Wallace handmade slide valve intake manifold
Exhaust: Tubular headers specified by CE
Ignition: Single distributor with points/coil