This was a rebuild and update of an existing racing engine originally built by Huffaker. It already had a shim-under valve-train with P6 cams. Intake valves are titanium, exhaust are stainless.
The head was reworked for more flow and matched to the intake manifold. A special cam profile was used to increase torque. This is about the max for a 2-valve racing engine on carbs without throwing reliability out the window.

Type: 3.0/2v
Bore: 82 mm
Stroke: 71 mm
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Heads: ported (see flow chart)
Cams: CE special grind (272°/266°,11 mm/ 9.9 mm)
Induction: 40 mm Weber DCN on port matched manifolds with pod filters
Exhaust: custom 4-1 headers port matched with open pipes
Ignition: points/coil