Basically, this engine is similar to the 308 GTB track car engine specification, except that it has been enlarged to 3.2 Liters. Larger, 328-type aluminum cylinder liners (83mm) were used in conjunction with a 328 crank (73mm stroke).  This helped boost the power to 338 HP @ 7,800 rpm.  The result is better drive off in the corners.  Final gearing had to be adjusted to compensate for the slightly lower RPM range of the engine.

Type: 308 2valve (F106 AB)
Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 73mm
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Heads: Ported to CE Specs
Cams: CE special race profile ( 272º/266º, 11mm/9.9mm)
Induction: 4 Weber 40 DCN on port matched manifolds with pod filters
Exhaust: Custom 4-1 racing headers
Ignition: points/coil