When we were approached about building a Ford Mustang 289 engine that would go into a Shelby GT350 clone, it didn't talk long for us to say yes. Who doesn't love a Shelby GT350? The goal was to take a stock 289 c.i. 225-hp and transform it into a real 306-hp Shelby engine. The outward appearance had to mimic the original GT350, but we could use modern components like aluminum heads and an up to date camshaft. The dyno graph shows the before and after results. It was a night and day difference! When the owner took it for a test drive, he was amazed at the difference. The engine power definitely overpowered the antiquated chassis and suspension of the Mustang, which is a common observation when it comes to older muscle cars with hotter engine. All in all, this was a great outcome with a very happy customer.

Before: 183-hp @4500-rpm, 247 lb-ft @2,800-rpm
After: 306-hp @5600-rpm, 341 b-ft @3800-rpm

Type: Ford V8, 289
Bore: 4.04" hypereutetic pistons
Stroke: 3:, 302 crankshaft
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Cylinder Heads: TFS 5140 aluminum
Cams: Comp Cams 206/212-degree duration (@.050") and .460"/.474" lift (in/exh)
Induction: Aluminum intake manifold/Holley 4 barrel carb (750 cfm)
Exhaust: Shelby replica Tri-Y headers
Ignition: MSD AL6