This engine had been through 3 other shops before we received it.  All had “rebuilt” or “fixed” the engine.  Each time it leaked oil and didn’t run right.  The engine had many issues including a front cover that did not line up with the crank center line. With these issues corrected, the engine was reassembled and ‘tuned’ on the dyno.  This engine had some special factory air horn modifications that helped.

Type: 275 GTB/4 (226)
Bore: 77.5mm
Stroke: 58.8mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Heads: Stock with shim over-bucket
Cams: Stock
Induction: 6 Weber 40 DCN with air horn inserts
Exhaust: stock 3-1 front mufflers only
Ignition: Stock distributor with points/coil