We received this engine in very tired condition.  It was basically worn-out!  It is an early 4-cam engine with a shim-under bucket valve train.  The cams must be removed to adjust the valves; not a very friendly arrangement!  The rebuild was successful and the engine makes decent power.  It is now ready to install into the restored body/chassis a provide the customer with many miles of enjoyment.

Type: 275 GTB/4 (226)
Bore: 77.5mm
Stroke: 58.8mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Heads: Stock with shim-under bucket
Cams: Stock
Induction: 6 Weber 40 DCN with air horn inserts
Exhaust: Stock 3-1 front mufflers only
Ignition: Stock distributors with points, condenser/coil