Most Ferrari “inside plug” engines aren’t big power producers. This engine is the exception. Built from the start as a full race engine, it features: coil valve spring conversion, race cams, titanium con rods, Moldex crankshaft, forged racing pistons, full ported heads, aluminum flywheel and custom exhaust headers. By comparing this TDF engine to others we have tested, there is no doubt about its superiority. This one even surprised us!

Type: V-12, 250 GT, 3.0 liters
Bore: 73.5mm
Stroke: 58mm
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Heads: full race porting, coil spring conversion
Cams: 10mm/ 10mm, 248°/ 248° @ .050”
Induction: 3 Weber 40 DCL with stacks and modified venturis
Exhaust: special CAROBU engineered headers and straight pipes
Ignition: stock points/ condenser distributors