An engine from a TDF dyno tested for another shop. This engine was built for good power within the confines of the intake port design and marginal head clamping potential. I would rate this engine job as reasonably successful in fulfilling that goal. These engines just don’t make a lot of power. Again, some of the technical details are unavailable. This engine made slightly more power than the other 250 inside plug engine in our gallery

Type: 250 GT
Bore: 73mm
Stroke: 58.8mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Heads: basically stock
Cams: 232°/232°, 9mm/9mm
Induction: 3 Weber 40 DCL with open air horns
Exhaust: stock 6 into one, no mufflers
Ignition: stock distributors with points/condenser/coil