This is an engine out of a LWB California Spyder dyno that was tested for another shop. It is included here to provide a contrast to the later 250 engines. This is an early, inside plug engine that was well built, but compared to the later 250 engines with outside plugs and better heads, these engines were weak. Just look at the torque numbers. The factory claimed 260 HP at 7000 rpm; Fantasy Land, in my humble opinion.

Type: 250 GT
Bore: 73mm
Stroke: 58.8mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Heads: stock
Cams: unknown, but hotter then stock
Induction: 3 Weber 36 DCL with open air horns
Exhaust: stock, no mufflers
Ignition: stock distributors with points/condenser/coil