This was basically a standard rebuild on a 246 Dino engine. The only concessions to extra power were a special high performance valve job and higher compression pistons. The primary consideration was reliability and clean running. When we originally received this engine for rebuild, it had a bent rod. It was totally rebuilt with all new parts where necessary (bearings, gaskets, etc.). We ran it on our new Superflow Powermark dyno and saw a definite improvement over the standard rating of 195 HP (224 HP @ 7,200). The power improvement even surprised us and will make this Dino a very nice drive.

Type: 65° V-6, DOHC 2v/cylinder 2.4L
Bore: 93mm Razzo Rosso forged pistons
Stroke: 60mm
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Cylinder heads: High performance valve job on stock heads
Camshafts: Standard Dino profile, 249°/242° (@.050") duration and 9.3/8.7mm lift
Induction: 3 Weber 40DCNF/7 carbs
Exhaust: Standard Ferrari manifolds, 308 dyno muffler
Ignition: Marelli ignition