1979 308 GTB

This 308 engine rebuild represents a typical request for more power without going overboard with the lack of drive-ability or the cost. One of the goals of the project was to retain the basic stock appearance and performance feel of the original engine, but with increased performance. In the opinion of many, this should have been the standard specification engine on the 308 series from the beginning and, eventually, the 328 series produced this power (years later). The modifications were basic; higher compression, forged pistons, upgraded rod bolts, longer duration cams, improve head flow and careful dyno tuning. As with any engine modification project, the right combination of ingredients is what produces the best result; matching camshaft and head flow to compression ratio is the key. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the power and “character” of the engine.

Type: 308/2 valve
Bore: 82mm (over-bored 1mm from standard)
Stroke: 71mm (standard stroke)
C.R.: 10.25:1 with forged Razzo Rosso pistons
Heads: port matching, mild intake porting
Cams: Daytona grind, 246°@.050” lift/max valve lift .360”
Induction: Weber 40 DCN carbs on match-ported manifolds, standard type air filter
Exhaust: standard headers, ceramic-coated and stripped of insulation, port matched, sport  muffler
Ignition: original points/coil type