308 GTB 3.5-Liter

This 308 2-valve engine was enlarged to 3.5 liters by using oversize cast iron sleeves and boring out the block to fit. The cylinder heads were ported and a strong street grind was used on the cams. This engine was built by another shop, but dyno'd by us. Throttle body injection was used in place of the carbs. This engine made good power and torque for a street car.

Type: 308/2V 3.5L
Bore: 89mm
Stroke: 71mm
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Heads: Ported and matched
Cams: Special grind
Induction: TWM throttle bodies with Electromotive ECU
Exhaust: Stock headers with Miglia Mille muffler
Ignition: Electromotive